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Our first hustle is something that can still be done to this day!


Welcome to My New Hustle, where I share cool and interesting opportunities to hustle and make money, both online and offline. Most of what I post here will be tried and tested by yours truly, but there will be times when I post interesting articles and maybe even some links to other sites, where you can get more information.

One of the reasons My New Hustle was created was to help those who are tired of the run-of-the-mill, everyday way of living. The paycheck-to-paycheck existence just isn’t cutting it anymore, especially with the high price of gas ($4.00/gallon isn’t too far away) and ever increasing costs of living. Now I cannot do the hustle for you.  A good hustle — or even several put together — takes time and work, but in the end, the reward is more than worth it.  This site is for those who are able to do whatever it takes to read the information, digest it, and put it into action. If you want to read for fun, then be my guest. I do the hustle because I want to get PAID! (And I’m not talking about the dance!)

The hustle is at an all-time high due to economic conditions, so read up, and then go get your hustle on!

1st Hustle: craigslist

What is craigslist? Well craigslist ( is a website that has many different categories of things to click on, and and these categories are grouped together under different cities, states, countries and metropolitan areas. This is what makes the site so powerful — you can search for a tennis racket or sofa in your own neighborhood versus using a national website and having an item shipped to you. Craigslist is also good for posting and finding jobs, housing, friends, and a date for the opera (no, really).

Craigslist is really a hustle within itself because it looks so simplistic — but it has leveraged other well-known sites such as eBay and Yahoo! because of it’s simplicity. This is a great start to your hustle because it can be a TOTALLY FREE hustle. All you really have to do in order to get started is have an e-mail account, internet access, and the ability to write coherent sentences. No real computer savvy is necessary, and the hardest part about this hustle should be uploading pics to the craigslist server. But if you have done this before on a dating or auction site (eBay, for example), then this should be easy as well.

Our craigslist hustle deals with selling items. What kind of items?

daydreaming of the hustle

Well I’m glad you asked!

Find Your Items for the Hustle

The items you hustle can be anything. The easiest things to sell would be things that you already own and just aren’t using. You’ll find this stuff in a closet, an attic, the garage, under the bed, etc. Anything that looks like it might have some value is a good item.

Another place to get items for this hustle is within craigslist itself. Sure, you can find stuff that people are practically giving away, like a computer for $100 or a bedroom set for $500, but why not find things that people are literally giving away? Browsing through the free items can yield some interesting results, and you can actually profit by reselling the items you get on the same site that you got them from. Many people are lazy and just want things out of their sight, and if you are savvy enough, you can turn their laziness into dough for your pocket.

Why let 1-800-GOT-JUNK hustle away all the dough?  Turn your passion for a good hustle into some serious cash by providing a service for others.  As you get bigger and become more widely known, you can actually charge people to remove their items, then get paid again on refurbishing and selling their wares on craigslist!  And since it’s your hustle, you make the rules, so you can determine what gets picked up and what doesn’t.  Sweet!

Hustle Your Items

The hardest part in this hustle should be the amount that you charge for the item. An easy way to determine price is to look at the going rate on eBay, and charge perhaps a little less or a little more, depending on the demand for the particular item.  By selling in craigslist locally, your buyers can pick up the item, saving you the hassle of shipping. Alternatively, you can also deliver the items to the buyer for a small fee that covers gas and travel.  Arrange multiple deliveries on one day, in a similar area and around the same time to save gas and consolidate trips, which further increases your profit margin and the effectiveness of your hustle.

This hustle also eliminates the fees and options associated with online auctions. Craigslist also make it possible to do everything anonymously, so you only tell people what you want them to know, such as where to pick up the items you are selling after a deal is made. You don’t have to deal with credit cards and check float times either; sometimes in a matter of hours you can have cold, hard cash in your hands!

1st Hustle Recap

As with anything, the more you hustle on craigslist, the more you will learn about the best way to list an item, what to charge, and how to bargain with people. Practice makes perfect, and because this hustle is virtually free, there’s no better way to start your hustle than with this method.

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