Hustler’s Hiatus Finally Halted!


First of all, I’d like to say hello to all of the people reading this, and if you followed me like, 11 years ago, thanks for coming back!  Da Hustla has been busy over the decade.  There has been a few ups and downs along the way, but they all have made me a better individual overall.

What I’ve Been Up To

I speak of hustles on this site, but alas, like many of you I had to work for “the Man” a few times during my hiatus, and not all of it was fun.  (In chronological order) The job I had 10 years ago was pretty awesome.  I did tech support for a company, and transitioned from a full-time temp to a permanent position that came with awesome benefits like a company credit card, travel reimbursements, my own office, medical and dental, and a real low-key atmosphere where the important thing was getting your work done and making our customers (internal staff) happy.  At the time, I couldn’t have asked for a better job!  But like all good things, that job came to an end due to money mismanagement (by senior officers of the company) and a merger that eliminated our jobs.

Afterwards I was living off of savings and unemployment until the next job came around… quite possibly the worst job I ever had.  More tech support of internal staff, but this time the atmosphere was very different and definitely more corporate.  Initially my boss was a cool dude.  When I came onboard, I was taken out for lunch, and again for drinks one day after work.  This practice is was kinda standard, but it’s still nice to experience it when you land at a new company.  Everything seemed like it would be another positive experience until the first argument I witnessed between my boss and one of my associates.  Once I heard the content and the tone, I immediately knew I would be a fool to think that it would not happen to me one day.

And like a broken clock twice a day, I was right.

First, a new supervisor (hereto referred to as f’boy) was hired to do the dirty work of our manager (hereto referenced as dipshit), and add an extra layer to the hierarchy.  One was not needed, but like I said, someone had to carry our the unpleasantries.  So less than a year after I started and soon after the installation of this idiot, f’boy began f’ing with me about various things.  Now Da Hustla is very defiant, and that was not the correct environment to be that way, but like the tale of the scorpion and the frog, you can’t change the nature of a person.  I was reprimanded for anything from getting to work on time (somewhat understandable, but when you don’t like a place, you could care less about going to it daily), the craziness of some assigned tasks, and being respectful of management.  I was pulled to the side by other employees and told that “they” were watching me, and that I need to get things back on track.  Unfortunately for all of them, I really didn’t care.  I knew the end would come, and I was intent on living my life my way, on my terms.

There were a couple of fun moments, when I contradicted dipshit in a departmental meeting in front of everyone, and challenged him with his new directives, basically saying that we are the ones doing the work — not him — so we should be the ones who have a say in how it is done.  But the best public argument was a loud shouting match between me and dipshit, where I went to his office to ask for some time off, and I believe he denied it, which lead to a loud verbal tug-of-war that would have made for some good reality TV.  Near the end, dipshit acted as though he was about to rise up from his seat, threatening to go to HR about the situation.  Finally I relented, because I was still in an “employee” mindset and felt that I needed to keep the job until I was ready to bounce, but unbeknownst to my conscious mind, I was already making more money from eBay than I was working that job (which probably gave me the confidence to speak my mind and contradict corporate norms of conduct and decorum).  So even though I was eventually let go (and that came with a huge sigh of relief, actually), I actually was not hurting for much because of the income I was bringing in on the side.

The Fall of eBay & The Rise of Amazon

For about a year, eBay and a short amount of unemployment was my only source of income.  However, towards the end of that year, my sources for products dried up, and I didn’t really have a plan to diversify like I should have.  Enter collegiate teaching at a for-profit (now defunct) university!  I had never taught anything in my life except for when I taught my parents how I’m different from my siblings, and what worked on them doesn’t work on me.  This was challenging to me, and not in a good way.  Teaching is part information sharing, part public speaking and part dress to impress, and neither public speaking nor dressing in slacks or khakis is something I look forward to doing.  I began to dread this job as well, but since it was literally paying the bills, I had to stick it out.

Since it was part time, I had time to investigate an alternative to eBay… so enter Amazon.  First I tried to get rid of some old stock that wouldn’t move on eBay, and once I saw the speed at which it moved, I was hooked.  Since then until now, I’ve been steadily building up that stream of income, and it has been pretty amazing.  It’s pretty cool to see what people will buy and at what price.  It’s also interesting how some of these same people will complain later about the price when no one put a gun to their heads and told them to hit the “Buy Now” button.

Doing this has finally given me the lifestyle that I always wanted when I started this site: to be able to work from home and have the kind of income that supports my lifestyle.  Back in 2007, all of us bloggers used to be amazed by Shoemoney and John Chow, some of the heavy hitters from back in the day (and still today I believe).  Making $10k a month was just a dream back then, but I guess you have to live life and find your own lane in order to get the type of life that suits you.

The Future of My New Hustle

Since just getting the site back up was almost a herculean task in itself, I actually don’t have any concrete plans on what the site will offer.  The landscape has changed so much over the past 11 years, and SO many other sites have talked about how to make money online that it wouldn’t make much sense to be just another voice saying the same things.  Plus, many of the methods of making money have changed dramatically, even in the industry that I’m currently in.  It may start back as an outlet for my frustrations and camaraderie with others who feel the same, but may morph into more of the uplifting and inspirational posts that I used to make long ago (just updated for 2019 and beyond).  Whatever the case, lemme know what you would like to see, and tell me what you guys have been up to over the years as well.

I’ll end this post with the hustle mantra that guides most hustlas out there: let’s get it! 🙂

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