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Hustle Tips: Weekends Are the ‘Right’ Time


They say the nighttime is the right time. But maybe not for everything.

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When it comes to getting ahead of the blogging game, the weekends are indeed the right time, and the best time. What normally happens on weekends, especially during the summer? People are on vacation, or out shopping, playing outdoor sports, or simply curled up in the bed with not a worry in the world. Fewer people think about getting online, unless they don’t have better things to do. Da Hustler used to get depressed at his numbers on the weekend, but not anymore. You have to realize the reality of the situation, then adjust to it accordingly.

So instead of lamenting and not doing anything because ‘no one will see or read it anyway,’ use the weekends as a time to either catch up on missed posts, or prepare for the upcoming week. In addition, you can visit other blogs and chime in on what they posted the past week. Send out your e-mails to them so they’ll get them Sunday night or first thing Monday morning.

Want a John Chow-style evil trick? Due to the posting hiatus, people aren’t posting as much and people aren’t reading as much, so you can take this time to rise to the top of Top Commentator lists! This is an evil little trick I discovered early on, and as long as you don’t spam and actually add to the conversation, the blogger will welcome your addition while you enjoy the climb to the top. To be even more sinister, use the time to reply to really old posts if the blogger didn’t post much this week, or if you already responded to a few and honestly have nothing more to add. It gives them more activity and appreciation for the work they did long ago, and pushes you and your brand up higher.

If you organize your time right, you can have a time for work and a time for play during the weekend. You don’t have to give up your life to blog, but just maximize your time so that you can get the full benefit of all the hours of the day. Then no matter what time it is, to you it will always be the right time!

  1. QAC 14 years ago

    The nighttime is the right time.


    Great creativity !!!!

  2. Armand Rousso 14 years ago

    Beyond the trend, a blog is also a powerful tool of getting the blog’s content into a “sold” service or product.
    Armand Rousso

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