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Hustle Tips: Legitimize Your Hustle With Credit Cards


I love this tip, because I couldn’t wait until I could take advantage of it…even before I could legally drive!

In this new worldwide economy, convenience is king, and according to Visa, cash is cumbersome (even though those commercials are so stupid to me! Show me a retailer that will refuse cold hard cash, and I have some land to sell to him!). People are forever on the go and would rather travel with one or two credit cards versus a wad of cash in their pockets. Not only are the cards less cumbersome, but they have security benefits as well: cash is easily stolen and seemingly has no ‘owner’, while a would-be robber would have to have a credit card machine on hand to do anything with the card he gets from your wallet. By the time he tries to charge whatever, you would have alerted the credit card company and it would be canceled.

My New Hustle | Make Money Online: Visa Credit Card

With these facts, it only makes sense for you to cash in on this trend. No matter how big or small you are, you increasingly cannot afford to be left out of the digital age. But I hear you…you wonder what this has to do with profiting online, or even offline for that matter. You say:

  • I’m too small of a merchant to warrant the purchase of a machine;
  • I don’t do enough sales;
  • I don’t even know where to get one;
  • I would hate carrying it around;
  • My website isn’t ready for e-commerce;
  • I have no products to sell, only services;
  • People pay me in cash and I love it! I don’t want to change;
  • No one has even asked me about accepting credit cards;
  • I’m a Pisces;
  • The charges would eat into my income and I don’t want to do that;
  • I heard that people can cancel their orders when they get back home, and that would leave me shafted. No thanks;
  • Bush stole the election;
  • Hillary showed some cleavage

And so on and so on. Well guess what you are doing? MAKING EXCUSES! I ought to call Mr. T right now and tell him that you are acting just like fool!

My New Hustle | Make Money Online: Mr. T I Pity the Fool A-Team

Allow Da Hustler to de-bunk these myths one by one:

  • Think you’re too small?You always will be if you only think that way.
  • Not enough sales? How many MORE could you be doing if you offer convenience?
  • Where to get one?Simply search on Google or talk to your bank!
  • Hate carrying it?Yeah, I hate carrying money too…NOT!
  • Site not ready?PayPal makes any website ready in minutes! (click the link for details)
  • No products?People pay for services with credit cards too.Oil changes, manicures, eating out, etc.
  • Customers pay you in cash?Electronic cash doesn’t spend the same? Ok then!
  • Customers haven’t asked you?So what?You promote your products and/or services don’t you?Promote payment methods also!
  • Pisces? Uh, okay…
  • You don’t want charges?I don’t want taxes!It’s part of doing business.Does Wal-Mart complain about credit card fees?
  • Dishonest customers?Have you heard of counterfeit money?How often do you get it?Well that’s about as often as you will get a chargeback!
  • Bush stole the election?Yes he did…
  • Hillary exposing herself?Why are you looking that close?Focus on the ISSUES! 🙂

Da Hustler isn’t gonna be gentle and hold your hand through this one. I’ve had a machine for about 3 years now, and it was one of the best decisions I made! For one, customers don’t have any excuses anymore, such as ‘I don’t have any cash on me,’ or ‘I can’t afford it right now.’ (Let me ask my wife/husband is still popular, so still trying to figure a way around that one). Getting paid electronically lowers my liability as well, so would-be thug gansta thieves will only get receipts instead of cash if they try to collaborate and rob Da Hustler. Plus it saves a trip to the bank…and why waste gas going to a place, getting in a long line and possibly dealing with a rude representative who has had a bad day if you don’t have to? Finally, and this is huge: most people are SURPRISED when I tell them that I accept credit cards! This is something that they just don’t expect from a hustler. It makes them feel so much more comfortable about doing business with you, and a confident customer is a repeat customer.

Storefronts and retail outlets aren’t the only ones with this advantage anymore, as wireless terminals are the staple of many businesses. Also, you don’t need to have a wireless terminal…there are many options such as internet and telephone processing. Your merchant services provider can also offer check processing in your package, and they can verify that funds are available before you accept it! Your bases are covered! So stop making excuses, and incorporate the acceptance of credit cards into your hustle. You’ll be glad you did.

My New Hustle | Make Money Online: Nurit 3010 Wireless Terminal
The type of terminal Da Hustler uses. It’s wireless, it’s quick…
but where are the arms of the person holding this unit?!

  1. Make Money Online 14 years ago

    What business do you do?

  2. cooliojones 14 years ago

    IT consulting. It’s fun most of the time. 🙂

  3. Debo Hobo 14 years ago

    this is a great article, I am seriously looking into this. I have a couple of family events coming up that I don’t want to get holding the bag on.

    And imagine that I think its a great idea and I’m a Pieces. Hmmm who’d of figured.

  4. cooliojones 14 years ago

    If William Hung can get a record deal, surely a Pisces can like an idea! 😀

  5. Spud Oregon 14 years ago

    That last picture with no arms is so bizarre! I didn’t even notice until I read the caption.

  6. Fantastic advice. I agree completely.

    And any blog post that features a picture of Mr. T is alright in my book.

    Keep up the good work sir 😉

  7. coin counter 14 years ago

    Three words – Paypal virtual terminal. Absolutely the best IMO. Nice article and blog, I’ll be coming back!

  8. B. Durant 14 years ago

    Great information. It is amazing how many people are literally throwing money away because they don’t realize how important it is to accept credit cards in todays economy.

    And while I use paypal I don’t necessarily thing they are the best idea out there. Many people believe they are just another bank and nothing could be further from the truth.

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