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Hustle Tips: Getting Traffic to Your Site & FREE phone numbers!


In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In sales, it’s sell, sell, sell (duh, right?) In teaching, it’s beat the kids into submission. And in law, it’s “If it does not fit, you must acquit.”

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Ok, kidding about the last two! 🙂

But the golden rule of a website — er, a successful and popular website — is to get traffic to it, almost by any means necessary. Da Hustler wants to help you by introducing some non-traditional ways of getting traffic to your website. Some may work for you, while others may give you the patented George Bush dumbfounded look, but use what works for you and pass these tips on to others that it may help!

  1. Find FREE classifieds newspapers in your town. There’s tons of these types of papers, from Creative Loafing to Penny Savers to certain regional papers you might see next to the automobile and employment classifieds on the street. You might also try university newspapers, community newsletters, heck even local newspapers are trying to regain ground lost to craigslist by starting free classifieds. You lose nothing by trying these methods, because they are FREE — Da Hustler’s favorite word! (Thanks D Town Redd)

    My New Hustle | Make Money Online: Classifieds

  2. Go to the FOR SALE section and post an ad saying you’d like to sell a banging sound system, a cool new iPod, an awesome laptop, or whatever is really popular with the kids these days. Now in the description, list the product in question for a really cheap price, like a $50 iPod or a $200 PlayStation 3. The point is to price it low enough to garner attention, but not too low where no one would believe it. Where would you get the product from you ask? Well, scour the net for those “deals,” the ones that usually have you to fill out surveys or complete some other requirements before you can get the prize listed. Da Hustler doesn’t think these are the best opportunities to spend your time on, but it keeps your advertisement legit and who knows, you may get enough referrals to get yourself a free prize!Next, put a phone number in the ad that routes the calls to a voicemail mailbox. It would be best to use a number that is not your own, unless you just want strangers calling you for days (and these days, the strangers are really creepy). Don’t know where to get a number from? Keep reading.Now it’s time to setup the voicemail greeting. You don’t really have to say much, but here’s an idea for you to get started:

    “Thanks for responding to my ad! Due to the volume of calls, I’ll only take inquiries from SERIOUS people. If you’re serious about my offer, please visit (record your domain name here). Hope to hear from you soon!”

    Also in the message, be sure to spell your domain name so people will not get letters and words confused (B as in Bob, G as in Gina, O as in Orange, L as in Larry, dot com, etc.). On your site, place a small link to whatever offer you found, so the people who visit from your ad are left hanging. To help you get started, here’s a link to a FREE voicemail mailbox with a local number: (thanks SOLOW)

  3. Post your domain name in your e-mail signature. As previously stated on almost every blog known to man that deals in making money and creating traffic, your domain should be listed in almost any correspondence that goes out. It doesn’t matter if it is a forum, e-mail, profile, profile, profile, etc. Whatever and wherever you post information or personal opinions, make sure that you have included your link!!!

    My New Hustle | Make Money Online: WWW Domain Name

  4. Word of mouth – it almost goes without saying, but some people try to be very secretive about their business ventures until it hits the levels of an eBay or Yahoo. NEWSFLASH!! It probably won’t hit those levels if you aren’t excited and telling everyone you know about it! Try to create a buzz with your peers, family and friends, and don’ttell them anything about the site until they see it for themselves. Da Hustler has had many lazy people try to get a synopsis of My New Hustle | Make Money Online verbally, but it just isn’t gonna happen!

    My New Hustle | Make Money Online: Word of Mouth Marketing Advertising

  5. This might sound a little crazy to some, but it’s actually quite brilliant and done everyday: create a funny video and post it on YouTube. The kicker is, it doesn’t even have to be related to your site content at all… it could simply be about two middle-aged wannabe MC’s freestyle battling or somebody getting owned. At the beginning and end of the video you display a graphic that says, “Brought To You By Show N Tell Productions” If it’s good enough it will be seen by thousands, and that translates into thousands of hits!After the success with the first video, do another one. Be sure to keep the same beginning and ending graphics with every video you do so that people will begin to recognize it and stick in their minds. With all the free software found within Microsoft Windows, Apple’s Macintosh and on the internet (ahem, legal software) you can make videos for pennies and in less time than you think. (thanks NubiaNectar)

Sarcastic Gamer is one of the leaders in making funny videos with their tag lines embedded. A couple of their videos have even been featured as humorous spots on My New Hustle.

Stay tuned to My New Hustle, as Da Hustler reveals more ideas on how to route traffic to your site!

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  3. andrewcho4 14 years ago

    The tip def works…I’ve checked out a bunch of sites after they posted the URL after a great video.

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