8 Tips to Avoid Oversharing and Humble Bragging


Some people really need to get a life.

It’s awesome when you have one.  You go out into society, do various things, and many times you blend in without causing too much attention to yourself.

You enjoy time with your close friends and family, go out on dates, make reservations at restaurants, take trips, you know, regular stuff that people with lives do.


However, social media has caused an incessant obsession with the mundane.  And unfortunately it has spilled over into the business arena.

Don’t get me wrong — there is a time and a place to let people know what you are doing, how you are doing it, etc.  Historically it was reserved for when people actually ask you a question, if you’re under arrest, or AA meetings.  But with the dawn of the internet, YouTube and public forums, everyone wants to be the center of attention.

Da Hustler is fatigued by those persons who take every opportunity they get to tell you unsolicited tidbits about their life.  There’s actually a term called humble bragging in the Urban Dictionary, and it often occurs when people share financial information with the world even though no one has asked them to.  For instance, during this time of year, many people are faced with certain tax questions pertaining to their business.  In the real world, we usually consult professionals for this kind of thing, because understandably each situation is different and you should not rely on strangers on the internet for really personal medical, financial, and sometimes even emotional advice.

Unfortunately there are those among us who love telling the world how much they make, while subtly taking a dig at anyone who is listening.  It’s similar to Bill Gates or Warren Buffet complaining about Mo Money, Mo Problems.


Although we cannot stop these trolls from living a life of vanity, we can check ourselves before we decide to publish our thoughts.  Here are 8 tips that you should review before publishing your thoughts or queries on the world wide web:

  1. Is what I’m typing going to benefit anyone outside of the vessel I’m currently inhabiting?
  2. If I’m asking a question, does it really, really pertain to the subject matter at hand?
  3. Can I make these words public without being viewed as a humble bragger?
  4. If I put [personal information] in place of my actual life details, would the question, point, or request still be valid and understood?
  5. Do I seldom post things publicly?  Are there people that I can identify that post things more than me?
  6. If there are specialists that handle my query, am I asking for a recommendation from someone who may have used a specialist who can help?
  7. Is my query less than a paragraph?  Can someone easily discern the information without me having to produce a dissertation?
  8. Will I be seen as a regular, everyday person by posting this, instead of an obnoxious, irritating know-it-all, a-hole or blowhard?

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