7th Hustle: Make Thousands Off Your Family


Summertime is traditionally a time when a lot of families get together for reunions. People know about making t-shirts and maybe doing some catering, and some even venture into becoming a DJ to get their hustle on during this time. However, one thing that has probably gone overlooked is creating a family tree for the families attending these reunions.

My New Hustle - Make Money Online: Family Tree

If you like to do research and can appreciate the nostalgia of the past, this may be a great hustle for you. Not only can you make some good money, but you can help unite past and present people with the relatives they may not have known about, or have lost contact with. Tracing the history of a family has become easier in recent years because of software that makes keeping track of the details much simpler. Also, creating the actual tree for printing once done is as easy as the click of a button — no manual drawing or charting necessary.

To start, gather the materials necessary for the task. You will only really need a pen, pencil, paper, a phone, and some computer software. An outgoing personality is good to have too, because you’ll be interfacing with total strangers and asking them about their family (even though you’ll explain why). Be prepared though: some people don’t talk to certain members of their family because they love to tell stories. You can either endure this, or become proficient at cutting things short and getting to the point (something some politicians could probably use!)

Next, advertise your service in a local newspaper or even in a regional magazine. For free exposure, join some web forums or groups, and post about your services (but do not spam them!). You’d be surprised at how many people may view you as a Godsend. It can be a tedious task, but many will jump at the chance to let someone else do the legwork. Profit from it!!

  1. Where do you come up with these ideas????
    You’re constantly finding money.

    One Man. One Year. $100,000 online.

  2. cooliojones 14 years ago

    I’m always on the lookout for practical things that people may overlook! More to come!

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