5th Hustle: Maximizing Google AdSense, Part I


This hustle is part of a series that will help you to truly maximize your earnings using Google’s AdSense product. I’ve seen the results of this hustle first-hand, and since many people may not know about it, let me fill you in.

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If you’ve never heard about Google AdSense, here’s a very brief overview: it places ads on your website, and when people click on the ads, you get paid! That’s the short version. There is more to it, and you have to be careful on how you use it or you WILL be banned (not a good thing for online success). Now Google’s AdSense product has been around for a while, and many people use the earning from it to buy anything from lunch once a week to paying off the mortgage on their house each month. I don’t know about you, but I love it when someone else wants to pay my bills! This article assumes that you are using AdSense already, or are planning to use it. So here’s a little information on how to tell Google to correctly utilize the information located on your page.

AdSense has a tool called Section Targeting (more info on how to use and implement this on your site can be found here), and this tool can really change your profit margin literally overnight. Sometimes you may have parts of your site that aren’t being utilized to their fullest potential in regards to AdSense’s display of ads. Other times, you may have parts of your site that you would rather go ignored. Why is this important? Two reasons:


    • You want AdSense to display relevant ads within your site so that it blends in with your content more completely and is congruent to your site. You don’t want Cheerios to show up on a site about music and entertainment (I don’t see the correlation, and neither will your visitors).

  • In one section of your site, you might be talking about making money, and in another section, washing your car. However, AdSense may give precedence to the ‘making money’ section and display those ads all over your site, versus only in the section that it’s supposed to be in.

Using Section Targeting makes this disparity a thing of the past! For instance, in one of my hustles I talked about shredding your way to more money (click here for that article). Unfortunately, AdSense had a field day with the ‘shredding’ topic, and placed ads for things related to shredding everywhere I had an ad up. So even though the topic of the post and the site is about making money, somehow it wanted people to get resources on shredding. This would have been great for the people of Enron, but not for me and my visitors. Something had to be done.

What I did was use Section Targeting to omit the post on shredding, so AdSense could instead refocus its attention back on making money. Once this was done, then the ads that were displayed changed, and more closely matched the content of the entire site, versus just that one section. This technique is best used when you notice that the ads that are displayed are either annoying to you, or just plain wrong in their content when measured against a particular section or your entire site. You can also use Section Targeting to include the information in a particular section, so that AdSense will display ads relevant to that section’s content. This is helpful if you want special emphasis placed on an article about smoke detectors on a site that primarily discusses electrical devices.

As stated earlier, this is but the first article in a series on How to Maximize Google AdSense for your benefit. Stay tuned, and you too can tell Google to pay your rent!

**Update : It may take some time for Google to update your ads once you make the change, but be patient, and it will come.

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  1. greygoose 14 years ago

    nice going man. you know im trying to keep up.


  2. Bladeex1 14 years ago

    Great content man you are really keeping me busy tryin to get stuff going. Thanks

  3. King of Kingz 14 years ago

    Nice post, I’ve been using adsense and didn’t know about this…………..

  4. greygoose 14 years ago

    had to come back to this post. is there a way to implement this code into the head of the page or is it only allowed within the body of the file?

  5. cooliojones 14 years ago

    greygoose – Yes, you can place it in the header as well. You just have to edit your header files and place it where ever you want the section targeting to take place. For instance, if you want to edit out the title, you place section targeting before the title tag, and close it after the end of that same tag. But be careful, because editing the header affects all of your pages!

  6. greygoose 14 years ago

    will the section targeting take into account anythin that’s hidden?
    like can i hide some keywords which are then noticed by the google adsense and then implemented?

  7. cooliojones 14 years ago

    You could, but Google and the other search engines don’t look kindly on hidden keywords. Best thing to to do is weave them into your title or content.

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