4th Hustle: 12 Easy Steps To Flooding Your Site With Traffic


All of the content in the world means nothing if your site isn’t getting any hits — that is, people who are regularly coming to your site. Getting new visitors is great. A new visitor is like a potential customer, and your site is your online representation of you. So how do you lure new customers to a place that they may not have heard of?

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Using the tips below, you too can throw out the bait that will hook your readers…and in turn, get you and your site mooovin on up like The Jeffersons!

  1. Find FREE classifieds newspapers in your town. There are tons upon tons of papers like this around, such as a pennysavers, publications such as Creative Loafing or Rolling Out (at least here in the South), university newspapers, community newsletters, etc. If you need help finding one of these publications, check around places that serve people on the bus line: bus stops, train stations, restaurants and fast food locations, car washes, schools, etc. Downtown locations are also good spots, so just be sure to keep your eye out for those little stands that sit off to the side ever so quietly.
  2. Post your website information in your e-mail signature, so that any email you send out has your vital advertising information clearly visible. Also, if you are registered on any online forums, make sure it’s okay with the webmasters, but place your information in your user signature there as well. The more active you are, the more people will see it every time you post.

  3. You ever get tired of getting those e-mail chain letters? Well use them to your advantage! When you forward those e-mails to your friends and family, simply place your information at the top of that e-mail, so everyone that they forward it to will see it as well. But please understand, boycotting gas for a day WILL NOT lower prices, Bill Gates will not send you any money for testing out software (he has a Research & Development staff for that), and if you don’t send it to your friends within 4 minutes, nothing bad will happen. Trust me.

  4. Trackbacks – This is for those of you out there who like to frequent different blogs on the internet. If the blog you visit happens to get a lot of visits, be sure that you leave a comment on some posts, and leave them often. Most times, blogs have feature that allows you to leave your name and website so that others can see your site as well. Use this!!! I say to comment often because one or two comments just means you are passing through, and the site owner may actually delete these because they may consider it spam. More frequent comments, along with a link back to your site, tells the owner that you like their work, and that you want to help each other grow your respective sites. The more people see your name the better: they see your name, they see your site — they see your site, you get clicks/traffic. Very simple, and takes hardly any time. (thanks Quilly)
  5. This idea might sound a little crazy, but it actually is quite brilliant: create a funny or interesting YouTube video. Now this video doesn’t specifically have to be about your site. It could be about two MC’s freestylin’ or somebody slipping on a banana peel and landing in a pool (yeah, I created that last example all by myself!). At the front and back of the vid you show a graphic that says, “Brought To You By Show N Tell Productions”. If it’s good enough it’ll be seen by thousands! Then do another video. Keep the same front and back graphics with every vid you do so that people will begin to recognize it and stick in their minds. With all the free software found on the internet and within major operating systems like Windows and Macintosh OS X, you can make vids for next to nothing. (thanks NubiaNectar)
  6. Pay a printer to create several t-shirts with your website name on it, and wear it proudly! Also, be willing to give away these t-shirts so that other people may do it as well. With all of the funny and weird things that people do these days, something like this WILL get someone’s attention!

  7. Find the owners or workers at your local print shop, develop a relationship with them, and ask them if you can put your domain name on the bottom of flyers they print. Be willing to negotiate a fair price so that you both benefit from the arrangement. Remember, you have to think outside of the box in order to make any money these days!
  8. Virtually every college has a bulletin board, so put up an “Apartment for Rent” or “Roommate Wanted” sign and leave your website as the only contact information. (thanks CybaCipha)
  9. Traffic sites such as or can generate lots of traffic directly to your site. The only caveat is that you just have to surf pages to get “credits,” but in return you will get hits. Most sites like this are free so you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get your traffic. (thanks Bladeex1)
  10. This tip is a variation of the first tip. Instead of trying to place a free ad in a pennysaver publication, place a paid-for ad on the back pages of those papers. Your advertisement will only consist of two lines: “” and a short sentence that catches the eye (Mine of course would be and Get Ya Hustle On). This listing should only cost you about $20-$30/week depending on how many times you run it (most publications have lower rates the longer you run the ad). Also, make sure you check to see if you qualify for a free line in their classified section, as that will get your advertisement on the company’s website as well. This is a very cost-effective way to generate some buzz for your site! (thanks ClevelandDawg216)
  11. If your site is an online blog, make sure you utilize free resources such as and blogexplosion to generate more FREE traffic!
  12. Using the idea from my side hustle, create some business cards with your website name on it. Also, setup a voicemail that gives some information about you and/or the site. You don’t have to use your real telephone number if you don’t want to, just setup a free voicemail number with any number of the free services that are out there today! Here are two to get you started: (thanks JetBlackMan) and (thanks SOLOW).

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Thanks to D Town for the assistance with this post.

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