14th Hustle: Turn $15 Into $50,000 Per Year


It is often said, what one man won’t do, another man will. This is definitely the case in this hustle, which is so easy, it’s a wonder that more people don’t do it!

Quick: What is one thing that people have that they don’t think about servicing until it develops spots or discolorations similar to a virus?

My New Hustle | Make Money Online: Hmm Disease

Give up?

Well the correct answer is…WINDOWS! No, not Microsoft Windows, that needs servicing ALL the time! (and sometimes you want to throw it out of a window). Clean windows are something that many people overlook until it is really needed. When most homes were one level, this wasn’t as big of a problem as it is today. The market for window cleaning is not saturated at all, and you can easily get started for no more than $15. How did I come to this figure?

Add this to your desire, passion and elbow grease, and you have all the materials needed to start this venture.

Your customers will consist of home owners and businesses. Personally I like businesses because you get more repeat services more often (they intract with the public, so higher traffic = higher need); however, private homes are lucrative because you can charge more per home. It’s not unheard of to get a job for $200-$300 in the residential market, and if you do a good job in any one home, word will spread in that subdivion and you can easily make $1000 that week part-time! Do this every week, and you have your $50k/year. Not bad for only working $2-3 hours per day!

Marketing will not be that difficult wither, because you can solicit directly to businesses who need your services, or put up a flyer in a high-traffic area like a mall, grocery store or community bulletin board. From there, word-of-mouth will take over, and that will eliminate your advertising needs because you’ll be so busy working! To make it even more lucrative, build up your referrals, then hire people to do the work for you. One month of pounding the pavement can turn into years of steady passive income.

Now you have time for another hustle!

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  1. This is actually a great idea, but this is a dollars for hours concept, eh?

    How about $15 plus pay a kid $8/hr to do the work for you while you still collect $50,000/yr?

    The $8/hr is more than the kid will get at McDonald’s and you could theoretically have 2 or 3 crews going at the same time for $100,000 or $150,000/yr assuming you can pick up enough work.

    What about a monthly contract, instead of $150 for a 1 time washing, you charge $60/mo for a washing each month (takes the $8/hr kid 2 hours to do each month).

  2. cooliojones 14 years ago

    There are so many different ways you can spin this, and you highlighted some of the best ways AJ. Some homewowners may go for a monthly contract, it just depends on what their needs are at that time. If you are really savvy, you can lower the initial price and hook them on that type of thing.

  3. kalpesh 14 years ago

    Great idea.

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  5. Make Money Online 14 years ago

    That’s a great idea. Have you tried any of these businesses?

    One Man. One Year. $100,000 online. Squeegee free.

  6. 14 years ago

    I have read about this before. When I used to work retail many years ago I always wondered about how much money the window washers made. Now I know!

  7. Balinese 14 years ago

    Never though about that before. But it depends on the number of customers.

  8. King of Kingz 14 years ago

    On a lot of these hustles, how hard is it to negotiate contracts, especially being new to the field if you’re just starting out?

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